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Application for Surrendering Cat 


  • We are a specialized rescue so if you need to surrender a cat to us, please make sure you are in a situation we can assist you with before contacting us.


The following circumstances apply:

1. The owner has passed away.

2. The owner is going into a nursing facility.

3. The owner is experiencing a debilitating issue that prevents them from caring for their cat any longer.

4. The owner is going through cancer treatment or treatment of a disease that will take time. In this case, we can temporarily foster the cat until such time as the owner is back on their feet and able to resume proper care of their cat.


      * If any of these circumstances apply, please download and fill out the Surrender Form. Also, contact us via email to apprise us of the situation. We will then get in touch with you and start the process.

        *We ask for all the cat’s belonging such as food, litter, toys, and anything else the cat uses. We ask for the current vet or last known vet so that we can obtain their health records. We also ask for a small piece of clothing with the owner's scent on it as this can provide comfort while the cat is settling into the foster home.

         *Cats are immediately brought to our vet to be checked out and get anything they may need whether it’s just vaccines or treatment for a health issue. We always do blood work and any other testing needed so that when they are adopted, they are healthy and happy.

         *There is no charge for our services but if you feel so inclined to donate to our organization to offset some of these costs, it is always appreciated. We will let you know how the cat is doing once in foster care as well as when we adopt them into their new home.

         *Thank you for trusting us with these beloved companions and know they will be well cared for and adopted to the best possible home.

If you cannot see this digital application please fill out this PDF form below and


Application to Surrender Cat 



email it to:

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