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Hi! My name is Michelle. I have been a feline vet technician for over fourteen years and I am obsessed with all things cats! 

Working with the elderly or ill clients and their cats has made me aware that sometimes, they need a helping hand.


Due to illness or aging, the owners end up in facilities which are not pet friendly or just have a difficult time supporting their feline companions. Sometimes, the owners sadly have passed on and there is no one to care for their kitty companions. Most times these cats are older and it can take a lot longer for them to be adopted. It breaks my heart that these cats can end up in shelters and possibly never leave.

One cat in particular started the ball rolling. Her name was Bonnie. Her story can be found as the first kitty in our Happy Meow Tales.

As a responsible pet mom, I am well aware that I can only take in so many cats and provide proper care for them. With that in mind, I decided that I would start No Kitty Left Behind targeting these owners and their cats. With the help of some amazing people, we hope to make a difference in the lives of people and their cats.

image1 (2).jpeg

Michelle with Moe, one of her rescued cats

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