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Interested in volunteering for No Kitty Left Behind?

In an effort to keep them out of the shelter system, we are always looking for qualified people to help foster some of our cats. We will also be looking for volunteers to help out in many different capacities.

For our future foster people, we would only require a home visit, personal and vet references and a guarantee that these kitties will receive lots of love and attention!

      If you are interested, please go to our Contact Us page and send us your information. We will contact you within 48 hours!

Due to much-needed vacations, we won’t be able to take in any new surrenders or do any adoptions until the 2nd week of August. We also won’t be contacting any new volunteers who send applications in until August 8th. But no need to worry about our current cats as their fosters will be caring for them as always and will have people to contact with any issues. If you email or leave us a voicemail, be aware we will not be answering until August 8th

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